Sorry I’ve been away.

So this is quite literally my third gaming blog. I told myself that this time would be different. I’ve been putting myself out there looking for freelance work as well as trying to focus on this blog. I want to hopefully make a career out of writing about video games. Whether its working for a smaller company or working for one of the big guys, I want to do it. I’ve been pretty lazy with this blog over the past week. I just started and already haven’t posted anything in almost a week. I really need to take this more seriously. So I apologize for not putting anything out over the past few days. Ill be sure to write something after dinner and if you’ve liked my posts then please be sure to follow me and I will return the favor. Thanks!


Are you okay with this?


When I ask the question “are you okay with this?” I’m obviously implying about the 50% price hike by developers WildCard Studios. Ark Survival Evolved has been an early access game for almost 2 years. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, it’s a survival game where you wake up naked on a island with nothing and as you progress you tame dinosaurs, build houses, craft weapons and all sorts of fun things like that. I was very addicted to this game for over a year. Me and some friends had a tribe in the game and I would stay up till 4-5 AM almost every day just building houses. Several months ago though things changed. I started to get very bored with the game and things became stale, but right around that time they released the “Scorched Earth” DLC. It introduced a new map, several new creatures to tame, new items, the whole shabang. I was very excited until I realized that this DLC was 15 dollars tacked on to an unfinished game.

Ark receives constant updates which is a very good thing. The PC updates come out almost parallel with the console updates. I don’t have a PC with enough power to run the game so I play on my Xbox. I reluctantly purchased the DLC and played it for maybe 2 hours. I felt as if I wasted the 15 bucks I spent on getting it but I digress. The point of this post is about this; Ark is finally getting fully released in August. After several years in early access it is coming out as a “finished” game. I put finished in quotations because I don’t feel that this game is actually done. The craziest part of this whole thing is the price hike by the developer a month away from actual release. The game is on steam now for 60 USD and people are furious. The game was 29.99 until the developer announced it and now you’re forced to purchase essentially the exact same game as it was 5 days ago but for double the price.

I want to know, is this okay with you? The recent wave of negative steam reviews obviously indicates that people are absolutely not stoked about the developers choice to do this. The dev behind Day-Z referred to the price hike as “***KING OUTRAGEOUS” on twitter. Also referring to this move as a “massive disconnect” and “blatant cash grab” on the part of the developers. So in conclusion, how do you feel about this? I tend to side with the steam community. Keep it the original price until after the official release date. Thanks for reading!

Times have certainly changed.

When I was younger a lot of my friends and I enjoyed things that were classified as “nerdy”. We would play Magic the Gathering, World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons. You know, that sort of stuff. We were labeled as nerds or the weird kids because we didn’t play traditional sports. I played a couple years of Tee-Ball and soccer as well as whole half a season of football which I quit halfway through because at the time I wanted to be play video games. It’s been a long time since those days. Me and my friends still play Magic and D&D. All of still spend most of our time away from work on our Xboxs or PCs playing video games. What I wonder is when did the stigma of being a nerd or geek for playing these things disappear?

Years ago everyone assumed we were all antisocial and just hid in our parents basements for hours on end killing dragons and stuff (which we obviously were) but now being a gamer is celebrated. People make millions of dollars just playing games. I know with the internet becoming what it is and how easy it is to start up a YouTube channel and start yelling at a computer that will certainly make it easier for you to entertain other people but it still confuses me as to how this all happened. geek

This is the stereotypical version of what most nerds were portrayed as when I was younger. Thick glasses, inhaler and all,  but now we’re taking over the world so to speak. The nerds from years ago are rich. I know that Bill Gates is the obvious go to for this discussion but it’s true. I was bullied plenty in school for bringing my magic cards to school and spending recess perfecting my elf deck with my friends as opposed to playing dodgeball and other traditional games. Now lets fast forward oh 15 years or so.


Here’s today’s “nerd”. Esports is quickly becoming one of the worlds most popular sports. Several years ago the League of Legends world championships had a higher rating than that years NBA and NHL finals. Esports are growing rapidly and the prize pools are getting bigger and bigger all the time. Blizzard announced a city based Esports league specifically for Overwatch aptly named “Overwatch League”. The cost to enter a team into this league is around 20 million dollars. 20 MILLION. I am happy to say though that the owner of my favorite football team Robert Kraft (Owner of the New England Patriots) recently bought a team in this league. It’s crazy to think that in just under two decades we went from basement dwelling losers to crazy popular superstars and streamers and content creators. Heads up world, were here to stay now.

What happened to Titanfall 2?


Titanfall 2 was one of my most anticipated games of last year. I’ve grown very tired of the same old shooters. COD and Battlefield are obviously the two heavy hitters in the world of FPS games but, Titanfall just has such an amazing spin to it. If you’re not familiar with Titanfall, it is a first person shooter game in which you are a pilot and you pilot, well, Titans. Titans are giant mech suits that allow you to turn the tide of the battle very quickly if you know what you are doing. The company that developed it is Respawn Entertainment which mostly consists of former Call of Duty developers. It’s a fast paced and hectic game with parkour elements but what I want to know is, what the hell happened to this game?

The excitement that was buzzing through the community was insane. People were going crazy for this game and I was one of those people but why is it that this game came out to such a “meh” reaction? I would be one to say that EA choosing to release the game in between Call of Duty and Battlefield 1 was a stupid idea and initially that is what, in my opinion, killed Titanfall before it even had a chance but it’s been out since October and has been receiving new content as well as balancing updates and nothing. The player count is down across the board. You’ll see spikes in player count every now and again because the game is constantly on sale on Xbox, PS4 as well as PC. The PC version did not do well at all is still not doing well. Certain nights the worldwide player count will peak at 2,500-2,800 players. For a triple A title that has only been out since October, that’s very bad news.

It’s a real shame to me though. This game had so much promise. They delivered on everything (mostly) that the fans wanted from the first to the second game. Insane amounts of customization, six titans instead of three, tighter maps for more hectic gameplay. Everything seemed great but apparently I was wrong. If you’ve never played Titanfall 2 and you’re a fan of shooters who is looking for something else than I highly suggest looking into Titanfall. The second one is on sale very often on Xbox and also has frequent free to play weekends. If you’re an EA access member and haven’t tried this game it’s coming to the service sometime soon as well as Battlefield 1. I wish this game did better. I really do but a combination of too many things happened and ultimately this great game fell by the wayside.